Empirical Legal Studies Workshop at EBS Law School

What do lawyers need to know about statistics and empirics, how do you make sense of data? One of the leading experts in the field, Professor Yun-chien Chang from Taiwan’s renowned Academia Sinica will answer these questions in an

on Thursday, 16 January at EBS Law School in Wiesbaden.

In this introductory course, Professor Chang will provide an insight into the field of Empirical Legal Studies, providing students and interested academics with the relevant methodological foundations. In the subsequent lecture, Professor Chang will speak about his most recent research project, in the context of which he will deal with the question of whether legal origin can be used to predict legal substance. Professor Chang examines this widely held assumption empirically with data from 91 countries.

Further information can be found in this flyer. The workshop is organised by the GLJ’s own Emanuel V. Towfigh, a long-time editor.

If you are interested to come, please briefly register with or signup on the Facebook event page. Admission is free.