Volume 04 (2003)

Volume 04 No 12


4 German Law Journal No. 12 (2003)

Public Law

Federal Constitutional Court Grants Interim Legal Protection Against Service of a Writ of Punitive Damages Suit
Bettina Friedrich

Extradition, Human Rights, and the Public Order – The “Extradition to India” – Decision of the FCC
Rainer Nickel

Private Law

The Approach to European Law in Domestic Legislation
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible

The ECJ’s Inspire Art Decision of 30 September 2003 and its Effects on Practice
Christian Kersting and Clemens Philipp Schindler

European & International Law

Death by Constitution? The Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
Jan Klabbers & Päivi Leino

The Scope of Sector-specific Regulation in the European Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications
Sascha Loetz and Andreas Neumann

http://www.CompanyNameSucks.com: The Horizontal Effect of Fundamental Rights on ‘Private Parties’ within Autonomous Internet Law
Vaios Karavas and Gunther Teubner

Elements of Constitutionalization: Multilevel Structures of Human Rights Protection in General International and WTO-Law
Frank Schorkopf and Christian Walter

Legal Culture

Book Review – Anne Peters: Elemente einer Theorie der Verfassung Europas (2001)
Christoph Engel

Escaping international Law: The unwanted obtrusion of foreign citizens (Book Review of Ziegler, Fluchtverursachung als völkerrechtliches Delikt, 2002)
Christian Hillgruber

Book Review – Michael Byers & Georg Nolte (eds.), United States Hegemony and the Foundations of International Law (2003).
Miia Halme