Volume 07 (2006)

Volume 07 No 02


7 German Law Journal No. 2 (2006)

Special Issue: European Integration in the Shadow of The “Darker Legacies of Law in Europe” Europe’s Darker Pasts Revisited

Introduction: The reluctance to glance in the mirror’: ‘Darker Legacies of Law in Europe’ revisted
Daniel Augenstein

Sleeping Dogs: A Blemish on the Clean Slate of Western Liberalism
Hauke Brunkhorst

Lawyers and the Vital Relationship between the Past and the Present
Pietro Costa

The ‘timeless present’: At the roots of Europe’s identity
Cristina Costantini

The unrelenting stare into the past and its justification
David Dyzenhaus

Historical-Legal Knowledge – And What To Do With It
W. Tom Eijsbouts

Darker Legacies, Schmitt’s Shadow and Europe
Kjell Engelbrekt

Social Networks and Individual Misdemeanours, Epistemological Questions and Normative Orientations
Andreas Fischer-Lescano

Codes of Honour
Daniel Gordon

Science, Not Politics
Clemens Jabloner

Dark Legator: Where the state transcends its boundaries, Carl Schmitt awaits us
Alexandra Kemmerer

“By Their Acts You Shall Know Them…” (And Not by Their Legal Theories)
Martti Koskenniemi

The Constitution of Europe: the new Kulturkampf ?
Martin Loughlin

But Was it Law?
Thomas Mertens

Comparison and History
Christoph Möllers

The Shadow of Speer and Vichy on European Laws
Pier Giuseppe Monateri

“In the Glass Darkly”: Legacies of Nazi and Fascist Law in Europe
Mayo Moran

Provocation and Springboard
Julian Rivers

Final Words?
William E. Scheuerman

The Study of the Past as Exercise in Political Theory and the History of Ideas
Shannon Ishiyama Smithey

How much of Nazi and Fascist Law Survived in the New Europe?
Detlev F. Vagts

Europe’s Darker Legacies? Notes on ‘Mirror Reflections’, the ‘Constitution as Fetish’ and other such linkages between the past and the future
Peer Zumbansen