Volume 09 (2008)

Volume 09 No 10


9 German Law Journal No. 10 (2008)


Ireland’s Constitutional Amendability and Europe’s Constitutional Ambition: the Lisbon Referendum in Context
Maria Cahill

Language Rights in the European Union
Theodor Schilling

Dignity, Rights, and Legal Philosophy within the Anthropological Cross of Decision-Making
Winfried Brugger

The Scope of Judicial Review in the German and U.S. Administrative Legal System
Jan S. Oster

Kelsen in Paris: France’s Constitutional Reform and the Introduction of A Posteriori Constitutional Review of Legislation
Federico Fabbrini


European Arrest Warrant and Constitutional Principles of the Member States: a Case Law-Based Outline in the Attempt to Strike the Right Balance between Interacting Legal Systems
Oreste Pollicino

Conference Report – 30 Years Additional Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Conventions: Past, Present and Future — 18th Conference of the Legal Advisors to the German Army and of the Representatives of the German Red Cross, 7 and 8 March 2008, Bad Mergentheim (Germany)
Konstantin Meljnik and Stefan Weiss

Book Review – Building a Polity, Creating a Memory? EU-rope’s Constitutionalization and Europe’s Past: A Review of Georges Mink and Laure Neumayer, eds., L’Europe et ses passés douloureux (2007) and Christian Joerges, Matthias Mahlmann and Ulrich K. Preuß, eds., “Schmerzliche Erfahrungen der Vergangenheit“ und der Prozess der Konstitutionalisierung Europas (2008)
Stefan Seidendorf


Tilting Perspectives on Regulating Technologies

Call for Contributions for “Following the Call of the Wild: The Promises and Perils of Transnationalizing Legal Education”