Volume 10 (2009)

Volume 10 No 04


10 German Law Journal No. 4 (2009)

Special Issue: The Law of the Network Society – A Tribute to Karl-Heinz Ladeur

Introduction to the Special Issue: The Law of the Network Society
Ino Augsberg, Lars Viellechner & Peer Zumbansen

Through the Funhouse Looking Glass: Shifting Perceptions of European Integration
Stephan Leibfried, Susan M. Gaines & Lorraine Frisina

Sozialstaatlichkeit in Europe? A Conflict”of”Laws Approach to the Law of the EU and the Proceduralisation of Constitutionalisation
Christian Joerges

The Letter of the Law! “! Legal Reasoning in a Societal Perspective
Marc Amstutz

The Relevance of Network Models within the Juridic Discourse. Empirical, Sociological, and Epistemological Perspectives
Ino Augsberg

“And if I by Beelzebub cast out Devils, …”: An Essay on the Diabolics of Network Failure
Gunther Teubner

Law’s Knowledge and Law’s Effectiveness: Reflections from Legal Sociology and Legal Theory
Peer Zumbansen

The Normative Knot 2.0: Metaphorological Explorations in the Net of Networks
Alexandra Kemmerer

Law Code: Some Preliminary Thoughts About Law’s Transformation Under Information” Technological Conditions
Vaios Karavas

Embeddedness through Networks! “! A Critical Appraisal of the Network Concept in the Oeuvre of Karl”Heinz Ladeur
Poul Kjaer

Judicial Ethics for a Global Judiciary! “!How Judicial Networks Create their own Codes of Conduct
Jörg Philipp Terhechte

The Network of Networks: Karl”Heinz Ladeur’s Theory of Law and Globalization
Lars Viellechner