Volume 10 (2009)

Volume 10 No 08


10 German Law Journal No. 8 (2009)


Lack of Sherpas for a GMO Escape Route in the EU
Javier Guillem Carrau

Special Section: The Federal Constitutional Court’s Lisbon Case

Lisbon in Karlsruhe: Maastricht’s Epigones At Sea
Christoph Schönberger

The European Union as An Association of Sovereign States: Karlsruhe’s Ruling on the Treaty of Lisbon
Frank Schorkopf

The German Constitutional Court says “Ja zu Deutschland!”
Daniel Halberstam & Christoph Möllers

The Ruling of the German Constitutional Court on the Treaty of Lisbon
Christian Tomuschat

The Federal Constitutional Court’s Lisbon Case: Germany’s “Sonderweg” – An Outsider’s Perspective
Alfred Grosser

The Lisbon Case of 30 June 2009 – A Comment from the European Law Perspective
Matthias Niedobitek

The Lisbon Case: A Critical Summary
Christian Wohlfahrt

German Participation in EU Decision”Making after the Lisbon Case: A Comparative View on Domestic Parliamentary Clearance Procedures
Philipp Kiiver

“And they shall Beat their Swords into Plowshares” – The Dutch Genesis of a European Icon and the German Fate of the Treaty of Lisbon
Stephan Leibfried & Karin van Elderen


Review Essay – What Makes the International Investment Rules Regime Undemocratic?
Joel Colón”Ríos & Martín Hevia

The European Private Company – Entering the Scene or Lost in Discussion?
Daniel Kornack

Severe Regulations for Toys in the European Union: The New EC Directive from a German Perspective
Philipp Reusch and Tobias Ackermann

Anti-Corruption Compliance Standards in the Aftermath of the Siemens Scandal
Karl Sidhu