Volume 11 (2010)

Volume 11 No 08


11 German Law Journal No. 8 (2010)


Understanding Market Access: Exploring the Economic Rationality of Different Conceptions of Free Movement Law
Gareth Davies

“How Does it Feel to Be on Your Own?” ‐ Mutual Recognition Agreements and Non‐Discrimination in the GATS: A Third Party’s Perspective
Carlo Maria Cantore

Kosovo in the ICJ – The Context

The Promotion of the Rule of Law in the Western Balkans: The European Union’s Role
Lara Appicciafuoco

EULEX Kosovo: The Difficult Deployment and Challenging Implementation of the Most Comprehensive Civilian EU Operation to Date
Martina Spernbauer

Kosovar Constitutional Court’s Jurisdiction: Searching for Strengths and Weaknesses
Dren Doli & Fisnik Korenica

Kosovo – So What?    The Holding of the International Court of Justice is not the Last Word on Kosovo’s Independence
Michael Bothe

Delphic Dictum:  How Has the ICJ Contributed to the Global Rule of Law by its Ruling on Kosovo?
Robert Howse and Ruti Teitel

The ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Accordance with International Law of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Respect of Kosovo and the International Protection of Minorities
Björn Arp

A Note on the ICJ Advisory Opinion on Kosovo
Robert Muharremi

The Kosovo Opinion and Secession:  The Sounds of Silence and Missing Links
Thomas Burri

What the ICJ’s Decision Means for Kosovars
James E. Moliterno

An Analysis of the ICJ Advisory Opinion on Kosovo’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence
Elena Cirkovic

Applying Kosovo: Looking to Russia, China, Spain and Beyond After the International Court of Justice Opinion on Unilateral Declarations of Independence
Hanna Jamar & Mary Katherine Vigness

German/European Law Conversation Series

The Limits of Freedom of Expression in the Wunsiedel Decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court
Mehrdad Payandeh


Postscript on “The Serious Consequences of Word Games”: The Signaling Game around the “Final Opportunity” for Iraq in Security Council Resolution 1441
Craig Scott