Volume 12 (2011)

Volume 12 No 01


12 German Law Journal No. 1 (2011)

Critical Legal Thought: An American-German Debate- Republication [ with a new Introduction ] Twenty-Five Years Later

Critical Legal Thought: An American-German Debate: An Introduction at the Occasion of Its Republication in the German Law Journal 25 Years Later
Christian Joerges, David M. Trubek & Peer Zumbansen

Inconsistencies and Consistencies in the 19th Century Legal Theory
Regina Ogorek

Texts, Contexts and Interpretative Communities: A Comment on Regina Ogorek
David Sugarman

American Legal Theory and American Legal Education: A Snake Swallowing It’s Tail?
John H. Schlegel

Sad Stories, Sucess Stories, and Untold Stories About American Legal Education: A Comment on John Henry Schlegel
Norbert Reich

Legal Positivism and National Socialism: A Contribution to a Theory of Legal Development
Hubert Rottleuthner

“Critical Empricism” and American Critical Legal Studies: Paradox, Program, or Pandora’s Box?
David M. Trubek & John Esser

Empiricism and Legal Practice
Volkmar Gessner, Breman & Gerd Winter, Bremen

Critical Empiricism: A Comment on David M. Trubek & John Esser, Gerd Winter & Volkmar Gessner
William C. Whitford

Legal Disintegration and a Theory of the State
William H. Clune

“Flexible You Say. Doesn’t Sound Like Property to Me”: A Comment on William H. Clune
Gert Bruggemeier

Divide and Conquer: The Legal Foundations of Postwar U.S. Labor Policy
Joel Rogers

Fragmented and Centralized Bargaining in Europe: A Comment on Joel Rogers
Ninon Colneric

Liberal Rights and Critical Legal Theory
Frances M. Olsen

Race, Reform, and Retrenchment: Transofrmation and Legitimation in Antidiscrimiation Law
Kimberle W. Crenshaw

Rights Discourse and Social Progress: A Comment on Kimberle W. Crenshaw
Konstanze Plett

Some Current Controversies in Critical Legal Studies
Mark Tushnet

Down by Law: Irony, Seriousness, and Reason
Gunter Frankenberg

A Rotation in Contemporary Legal Scholarship
David Kennedy

“And God Laughed…”: Indeterminacy, Self-Reference and Paradox in Law
Gunther Teubner

The Pragmatic and Functional Indeterminacy of Law
Klaus Gunther

Government Assistance in the Exercise of Basic Rights (Procedure and Organization) 
Erhard Denninger

The Effective Enjoyment of Rights
Richard E. Parker

Proceduralization of the Category of Law
Rudolf Wietholter

Comment on Rodolf Wietholter’s “Materialization and Proceduralization in Modern Law,” and “Proceduralization of the Category of Law”
Duncan Kennedy

Rationality Potentials of Law–Allocative, Distributive, and Communicative Rationality
Ulrich K. Preuss

Social Consturction and System in Legal Theory: A Response to Professor Preuss
Karl E. Klare

From Univeralistic Law to the Law of Uncertainty: On the Decay of the Legal Order’s “Totalizing Teleology” as Treated in the Methodological Discussion and its Critique from the Left
Karl-Heinz Ladeur

Law and Uncertainty: A Comment on Karl Heinz-Ladeur
Gerald E. Frug

Socio-Theoretically Based Legal Science and Critical Legal Studies: Points of Contract and Divergencies
Christian Joerges