Volume 12 (2011)

Volume 12 No 11


12 German Law Journal No. 11 (2011)

Special Section: The Hartz IV Case and the German Sozialstaat

Lecture – Germany’s Sozialstaat Principle and the Founding Period
Christian Bommarius

The Political and the Basic Law’s Sozialstaat Principle—Perspectives from Constitutional Law and Theory
Hans Michael Heinig

Welfare Rights in Canadian and German Constitutional Law
Chava Schwebel

Casenote – Human Dignity as a Matter of Legislative Consistency in an Ideal World:  The Fundamental Right to Guarantee a Subsistence Minimum in the German Federal Constitutional Court’s Judgment of 9 February 2010
Claudia Bittner

Casenote – The Fundamental Right to the Guarantee of a Subsistence Minimum in the Hartz IV Case of the German Federal Constitutional Court
Stefanie Egidy

Student Comment–Germany’s Commitment to the Sozialstaat Through Film
Chaz Klaes

Translations & Calls for Papers

The Battle for Legal Science
Gnavius Flavius (Hermann Kantorowicz) [Cory Merill trans.]

Call for Papers – Smashing the Machine:  The Troubled Legacy of Kantorowicz’s Der Kampf um die Rechtswissenschaft
Gnavius Flavius (Hermann Kantorowicz) [Cory Merill trans.]

DAAD/W&L/GLJ – Lecutre Series

American Liberalism and Germany’s Rejection of the National Socialist Past—The 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision and the 1975 German Abortion I Case in Historical Perspective
Felix Lange


Reaction – Themis and Dike in the International Arena:  Comments on von Bogdandy’s and Venzke’s “Democratic Legitimation ofInternational Judicial Lawmaking”
Giacinto della Cananea

Casenote – Euro Rescue Package Case:  The German Federal Constitutional Court Protects the Principle of Parliamentary Budget
Sebastian Recker

Union Citizenship and the Redefinition of the “Internal Situations” Rule:  The Implications of Zambrano
Anja Wiesbrock