Volume 13 (2012)

Volume 13 No 12


13 German Law Journal No. 12 (2012)


The Ins and Outs of Transnational Private Regulatory Governance: Legitimacy, Accountability, Effectiveness and a New Concept of “Context”
Peer Zumbansen

‘In a Settled Country, Everyone Must Eat’: Four Questions About Transnational Private Regulation, Migration, and Migrant Work
Amar Bhatia

“Targeted Touchdown” and “Partial Liftoff”: Post-Crisis Dispute Resolution in the OTC Derivatives Markets and the Challenge for ISDA
John Biggins

Beyond Taxonomies of Private Authority in Transnational Regulation
Colin Scott

What About Psychological Actors? Behavioral Analysis of Equator Principle Adoption and its Implications
Matthew Chan

Home State Regulation of Environmental Human Rights Harms As Transnational Private Regulatory Governance
Sara L. Seck

Public Participation in Global Environmental Governance and the Equator Principles: Potential and Pitfalls
Kirsten Mikadze

Making Corporations Environmentally Sustainable: The Limits of Responsible Investing
Gail E. Henderson

Public-Private Hybrid Governance for Electronic Payments in the European Union
Agnieszka Janczuk-Gorywoda

Canadian Mining Companies and Domestic Law Reform: A Critical Legal Account
Charis Kamphuis

The Equator Principles: Evaluating the Exposure of Commercial Lenders to Socio-Environmental Risk
Andrian Lozinski

Transnational Private Regulation and the Changing Media of Rules
Tony Porter

Do Lenders Make Effective Regulators? An Assessment of the Equator Principles on Project Finance
Douglas Sarro

Transnational Governance Models: Codes of Conduct, and Monitoring Agencies as Tools to Increase Workers’ Rights
Vanisha Sukdeo

Biopolitics of Transnational Private Law–Sovereign Debt Crises, Market Order and Human Rights
Alessandro Somma