Volume 14 (2013)

Volume 14 No 01


14 German Law Journal No. 1 (2013)

Special Section: The ESM Before the Court

A Sense of Déjà Vu? The FCC’s Preliminary European Stability Mechanism Verdict
Susanne K. Schmidt

Judicial Restraint and the Return to Openness: The Decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the ESM and the Fiscal Treaty of 12 September 2012
Mattias Wendel

Yes, But…One More Thing: Karlsruhe’s Ruling on the European Stability Mechanism
Karsten Schneider

German Constitutional Foundations of, and Limitations to, EU Integration: A Systematic Analysis
Erich Vranes

The ESM and the European Court’s Predicament in Pringle
Vestert Borger

Pringle: A Paradigm Shift in the European Union’s Monetary Constitution
Pieter-Augustijn Van Malleghem

Contradiction, Circumvention and Conceptual Gymnastics: The Impact of the Adoption of the ESM Treaty on the State of European Democracy
Jonathan Tomkin


Differential Integration – Farewell to the EU-27?
Matej Avbelj


Germany’s Mixed-Member Electoral System: A Victim of its Sophistication?
Christian Tomuschat

The Protection of Turkish Citizens Against Expulsion – This Far and No Further? The Impact of the Zielbell Case
Kathrin Hamenstädt

Conference Report – US & German Bench and Bar Gathering: “A New Bridge Across the Atlantic”: The Future of American Patent Litigation
David A. Hurst

The Delicate Equilibrium of EU Trade Measures: The Seals Case
Julinda Beqiraj

International Trade and Human Rights: An Historical Reappraisal
Abadir M. Ibrahim