Volume 14 (2013)

Volume 14 No 09


14 German Law Journal No. 9 (2013)


Political Corruption as a Regulatory Problem inGermany
Sebastian Wolf

Theories and Practice of State Succession to Bilateral Treaties: The Recent Experience of Kosovo
Qerim Qerimi & Suzana Krasniqi

Exploring the European Council’s Legal Accountability: The Court of Justice and The European Ombudsman
Nikos Vogiatzis

The Temporal Limitation of Judicial Decisions: The Need for Flexibility Versus the Quest for Uniformity
Sarah Verstraelen

The Metamorphoses of Universal Service in the European Telecommunications and EnergySector: A Trans-Sectoral Perspective
Csongor István Nagy

Women Between a Rock and a Hard Place: State Neutrality vs. EU Anti-Discrimination Mandates in the German Headscarf Debate
Joyce Marie Mushaben

Ghetto Pensions
Sven Simon & Avraham Weber


Is There State Immunity in Cases of War Crimes Committed in the Forum State? On the Decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of 3 February 2012 in Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Germany v. Italy: Greece Intervening)
Hermann-Josef Blanke & Lara Falkenberg

The Meaning of Regulatory Act Explained: Are There Any Significant Improvements for the Standing of Non-Privileged Applicants in Annulment Actions?
Haakon Roer-Eide & Mariolina Eliantonio

The Freedom to Conduct a Business in the EU, Its Limitations and Its Role in the European Legal Order: A New Engine for Deeper and Stronger Economic, Social, and Political Integration
Andrea Usai

Giving Victims a Voice: On the Problems of Introducing Victim Impact Statements in German Criminal Procedure
Kerstin Braun