Volume 16 (2015)

Volume 16 No 04


16 German Law Journal No. 4 (2015)


More Government with the People: The Crisis of Representative Democracy and Options for Reform in Germany
Hermann Pünder

Strengthening European Union Democratic Accountability Through National and Treaty-Based Pre-Legislative Controls
Özlem Ülgen

Why Teach Legal Theory Today?
Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaça

Tamanaha and His Critics: Transatlantic Reflections on the “Crisis” in Legal Education
Lawrence Donnelly

“I Don’t Take This Man to Be My Lawfully Wedded Husband”: Considering the Criminal Offense of “Forced Marriage” and Its Potential Impact on the Lives of Girls and Young Women with Migrant Backgrounds in Germany
Kerstin Braun


Trial and Error—A Critique of the New German Draft Code for a Genuine Corporate Criminal Liability
Markus Rübenstahl & Christian Brauns

Special Section: The Constitutional Court’s Headscarf Case

Religious Symbolism and the Resilience of Liberal Constitutionalism: On the Federal German Constitutional Court’s Second Head Scarf Decision
Matthias Mahlmann

One Court, Two Voices: Case Note on the First Senate’s Order on the Ban on Headscarves for Teachers from 27 January 2015: Case No. 1 BvR 471/10, 1 BvR 1181/10
Johann Ruben Leiss

Special Section: The CJEU’s OMT Decision

The Protection of National Constitutional Identity and the Limits of European Integration at the Occasion of the Gauweiler Case
Monica Claes & Jan-Herman Reestman

Doubtful it Stood…: Competence and Power in European Monetary and Constitutional Law in the Aftermath of the CJEU’s OMT Judgment
Heiko Sauer

After the OMT Case: The Supremacy of EU Law as the Guarantee of the Equality of the Member States
Federico Fabbrini

Direct Cooperation Has Begun: Some Remarks on the Judgment of the ECJ on the OMT Decision of the ECB in Response to the German Federal Constitutional Court’s First Request for a Preliminary Ruling
Sven Simon

The Euro Is Irreversible! … Or is it?: On OMT, Austerity and the Threat of “Grexit”
Michael A. Wilkinson