Volume 18 (2017)

Volume 18 No 03


18 German Law Journal No. 3 (2017)


Psychoanalyzing International Law(yers)
Matthew Nicholson

Human Rights, Symbolic Form, and the Idea of the Global Constitution
Nathan Gibbs 

“Just Business” – Is the Current Regulatory Framework an Adequate Solution to Human Rights Abuses by Transnational Corporations?
Benny Santoso

The Changing Nature of Law’s Natural Person: The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Legal Concept of the Person
Britta van Beers

Free Movement of Electricity and the Revival of System Stability Justifications
Max Salomon Jansson


To Allow or Refuse Entry: What Does the Law Demand in the Refugee Crisis at Europe’s Internal State Borders?
Alexander Peukert, Christian Hillgruber, Ulrich Foerste & Holm Putzke

The Constitutionality of § 89a of the German Criminal Code (StGB) and the Concept of a Serious Act of Violent Subversion: The German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof), Judgement of 8th May 2014 – 3 StR 243 / 13
Christopher Ohnesorge, Julia Wilkes, Marius Eichfelder, Jinnus Rastegar, Matthias Derra & Julia Balmer

Special Section
Network Analysis and Comparative Law Methods

Peek-A-Boo, It’s a Case Law System! Comparing the European Court of Justice and the United States Supreme Court from a Network Perspective
Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm

Network Analysis and the Use of Precedent in the Case Law of the CJEU – A Reply to Derlén and Lindholm
Jens Frankenreiter

Network Analysis and Legal Scholarship
Niels Petersen & Emanuel V. Towfigh

Law, Comparatism, and Epistemic Governance: There Is Critique and Critique
[A review of Günter Frankenberg, Comparative Law As Critique (Elgar 2016)]

Simone Glanert & Pierre Legrand

New Challenges for European Comparative Law: The Judicial Reception of EU Non-Discrimination Law and a turn to a Multi-layered Culturally-informed Comparative Law Method for a better Understanding of the EU Harmonization
Jule Mulder