Volume 18 (2017)

Volume 18 No 07


18 German Law Journal No. 7 (2017)


Jürgen Bast & Liav Orgad
Constitutional Identity in the Age of Global Migration

Theories of Constitutional Identity

Monika Polzin
Constitutional Identity as a Constructed Reality and a Restless Soul

Pietro Faraguna
Constitutional Identity in the EU—A Shield or a Sword?

Uwe Volkmann
What does a Constitution Expect from Immigrants?

The Changing Constitution of Migration Societies

Francesca Strumia & Asha Kaushal
Opening the Ranks of Constitutional Subjects: Immigration, Identity, and Innovation in Italy and Canada

Dimitra Gamba & Dimosthenis Lentzis
Crafting Constitutional Identity in the Era of Migration and Financial Crises—The Case of Greece

The Rise of Illiberal Notions of Constitutional Identity

Kriszta Kovács
The Rise of an Ethnocultural Constitutional Identity in the Jurisprudence of the East Central European Courts

Zsolt Körtvélyesi & Balázs Majtényi
Game of Values: The Threat of Exclusive Constitutional Identity, the EU and Hungary

Immigration as a Challenge to Liberal Constitutional Identity

David Abraham
Circumcision: Immigration, Religion, History, and Constitutional Identity in Germany and the U.S.

Alexander Yakobson
Five Million Germans Come to Denmark—A Thought Experiment

Constitutional Elements of the International and European Legal Order

Elspeth Guild
The UN’s Search for a Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

Sara Iglesias Sánchez
Constitutional Identity and Integration: EU Citizenship and the Emergence of a Supranational Alienage Law