Volume 19 (2018)

Volume 19 No 02


19 German Law Journal No. 2 (2018)

Introducing the Special Issue

Mirjam Künkler & Tine Stein
Statism, Secularism, Liberalism – Böckenförde’s Contributions to German Staatsrechtslehre in the Light of Contemporary Challenges within and beyond the State

Justin Collings
Ernst-Wolfgang Bӧckenfӧrde on Constitutional Judging in a Democracy

Emergency Laws and Constitutionalizing the “State of Emergency”

Shylashri Shankar
The State of Emergency in India: Böckenförde’s Model in a Sub-National Context

Anna Jonsson Cornell & Janne Salminen
Emergency Laws in Comparative Constitutional Law – The Case of Sweden and Finland

Pasquale Pasquino
Constitutionalizing Emergency Power in a Time of Jihadist Terrorism: France 2016 as a Case of Misunderstanding and Failure

Julian Rivers
Counter-Extremism, Fundamental Values and the Betrayal of Liberal Democratic Constitutionalism

Open Neutrality and Religion-State Relations

Ute Sacksofsky
Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde’s Oeuvre on Religious Freedom Applied to Recent Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Ralf Michaels
Böckenförde Theorem and Burqa Ban

Samuel W. Watters
Developments in AKP Policy Toward Religion and Homogeneity

The Future of Europe

Jan Christoph Suntrup
From Emergency Politics to Authoritarian Constitutionalism? The Legal and Political Costs of EU Financial Crisis Management

Vlad Perju
On the (De-)Fragmentation of Statehood in Europe: Reflections on Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde’s Work on European Integration

Alexander Somek
The European Model of Transnational Democracy: A Tribute to Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde