Volume 19 (2018)

Volume 19 No 06


19 German Law Journal No. 6 (2018)


Anatole Abaquesne de Parfouru
“Breaking through the Foul and Ugly Mists of Vapours” – Regulation of Alternative Tobacco and Related Products by the New TPD and Exercise of EU Competence

Stefan Braum
The Carles Puidgemont Case:
Europe’s Criminal Law in the Crisis of Confidence

Inge Graef, Martin Husovec & Nadezhda Purtova
Data Portability and Data Control:
Lessons for an Emerging Concept in EU Law

Pierluigi Cuccuru
The Public and Private Sides of Harmonized Standards: James Elliott Construction v. Irish Asphalt

Barend van Leeuwen
Euthanasia and the Ethics of Free Movement Law: The Principle of Recognition in the Internal Market

Anika Klafki
Legal Harmonization through Interfederal Cooperation:
A Comparison of the Interfederal Harmonization of Law Through Uniform Law Conferences and Executive Intergovernmental Conferences

Yasir Gökçe
Determining the “Private Law” Nature:
A Comparison Between Customary State Practice and Turkish Court Rulings

Mathias Möschel
“Gender Quotas” in French and Italian Public Law: A Tale of Two Overlapping and Then Diverging Trajectories

Review Symposium: Alexander Somek, The Cosmopolitan Constitution

Samuel I. Tschorne
Thinking Normatively Without Moralizing? Constitutional Theory – Somek’s Style

Signe Rehling Larsen
European Exceptionalism?
A Response to Alexander Somek’s The Cosmopolitan Constitution

Marco Dani
Re-Imagining the Cosmopolitan Constitution:
A Comment on Alexander Somek’s The Cosmopolitan Constitution

Alexander Somek
Blindness and Hindsight