Volume 20 (2019)

Volume 20 | Issue 5


Is Banning Enough? The Intricacy Inherent to Marine Mammal Conservation
Ilja Richard Pavone

A Bird’s Eye View on EU Anti-Discrimination Law: The Impact of the 2000 Equality Directives
Uladzislau Belavusau and Kristin Henrard

Rules Over Rights? Legal Aspects of the European Commission Recommendation for Resumption of Dublin Transfers of Asylum Seekers to Greece
Boryana Gotsova

A Democratic Dilemma of European Power to Tax: Reconstructing the Symbiosis Between Taxation and Democracy Beyond the State?
Jussi Jaakkola

Pre-formulated Declarations of Data Subject Consent—Citizen-Consumer Empowerment and the Alignment of Data, Consumer and Competition Law Protections
Damian CliffordInge Graef and Peggy Valcke

The Right to Privacy—A Fundamental Right in Search of Its Identity: Uncovering the CJEU’s Flawed Concept of the Right to Privacy
Valentin M. Pfisterer

The Foundational Myth of Mercosur and the European Union Analogy
Paulo Emílio Vauthier Borges de Macedo

Constitutions—Their Role Through the Ages: Notes on the 59th Meeting of German-Speaking Public Law Assistants in Frankfurt am Main
Jan Keesen and Jacob Ulrich

Book Review

Where Are We Now? Michael Ignatieff’s, The Ordinary Virtues: Moral Order in a Divided World
Malcolm MacLaren

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