Volume 20 (2019)

Volume 20 No 04

Volume 20 No 04


The Functions of Law and their Challenges: The Differentiated Functionality of International Law
Dana Burchardt

The Future of International Law is Cognitive—International Law, Cognitive Sociology and Cognitive Pragmatics
Benedikt Pirker, Jennifer Smolka

Responsibility and Rights
Sergio Dellavalle

The Court of Justice of the European Union’s Mutual Trust Journey in EU Criminal Law: From a Presumption to (Room for) Rebuttal
Auke Willems

“Tatprovokation” – The Legal Issue of Entrapment in Germany and Possible Solutions
Franziska Görlitz, Juliane Hubert, Jasmin Kucher, Moritz Scheffer, Patrick Wieser

Book Review

James Whitman’s, Hitler’s American Model. The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law
Mathias Möschel

Memorial: Donald P. Kommers – A Memorial Collection

What We Teach When We Teach German Constitutional Law: An Introduction to the Collection Memorializing Donald P. Kommers
Russell A. Miller

Letter from Federal Constitutional Court President Voßkuhle
Andreas Voßkuhle

Donald Kommers – A Tribute
Dieter Grimm

Remembering Don Kommers
Kim Lane Scheppele

The Value of Comparative Constitutional Law
Donald P. Kommers

Donald Kommers and Comparative Constitutional Law
Vicki C. Jackson

German Constitutionalism: A Prolegomenon
Donald P. Kommers

Reflections on Donald Kommers’ “Prolegomenon”
Peter E. Quint

Can German Constitutionalism Serve as a Model for the United States?
Donald P. Kommers

Some Reflections on the Contribution of Donald Kommers
Gary Jacobsohn

Donald P. Kommers: Teacher, Translator, Trailblazer
Justin Collings

Memorial: Donald P. Kommers – A Memorial Collection Republished Article

The Basic Law: A Fifty Year Assessment
Donald P. Kommers


Varieties of Populist Constitutionalism: The Transnational Dimension – ERRATA
Paul Blokker