Volume 23 (2022)

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    Volume 23 | Issue 3

    Bias in International Law Veronika Fikfak, Daniel Peat and Eva van der Zee Regulators’ Mindsets, Ingroup Favoritism, and the National Treatment Obligation in World Trade Organization Law Moshe Hirsch Pragmatic Inferences and Moral…

  • Volume 23 (2022)

    Volume 23 | Issue 2

    Linking Money to Values: The New Rule of Law Conditionality Regulation and Its Constitutional Challenges Antonia Baraggia and Matteo Bonelli The End of Satellite Treaty Law as We Know It? The German Federal Constitutional…

  • Volume 23 (2022)

    Volume 23 | Issue 1

    Popular Sovereignty After Brexit Eoin Daly Popular Sovereignty and Constitutional Referendum: Can “The People” be Limited by Human Rights? Ignatius Yordan Nugraha Two Cheers for Lost Sovereignty Referendums: Campaigns for Independence and the Pouvoir…