Volume 24 (2023)

  • Volume 24 (2023)

    Volume 24 | Issue 3

    Articles Does Digitalization Change International Law Structurally? Dana Burchardt Digital Rights and the Outer Limits of International Human Rights Law Yuval Shany Meta’s Oversight Board and Transnational Hybrid Adjudication—What Consequences for International Law?…

  • Volume 24 (2023)

    Volume 24 | Issue 2

    Articles A Europe Without Internal Frontiers: Challenging the Reintroduction of Border Controls in the Schengen Area in the Light of Union Citizenship Stefan Salomon and Jorrit Rijpma An Empirical Analysis of Credibility Assessment in…

  • Volume 24 (2023)

    Volume 24 | Issue 1

    Introduction Economic Interventionism and International Trade Law in the Covid Era Leonardo Borlini Articles Systemic Changes in the Politicization of the International Trade Relations and the Decline of the Multilateral Trading System Giorgio…