Volume 24 (2023)

Volume 24 | Issue 1


Economic Interventionism and International Trade Law in the Covid Era
Leonardo Borlini


Systemic Changes in the Politicization of the International Trade Relations and the Decline of the Multilateral Trading System
Giorgio Sacerdoti and Leonardo Borlini

How to Think About the Battle for the State at the WTO
Anne Orford

The Covid 19 Exogenous Shock and the Crafting of New Multilateral Trade Rules on Subsidies and State Enterprises in the Post-Pandemic World
Leonardo Borlini

The Biden Administration’s Trade Policy: Promise and Reality
Thomas J. Schoenbaum

Unpacking the Black Box of China’s State Capitalism
Ming Du

The EU Trade Agenda—Rules on State Intervention in the Market
Nerina Boschiero and Stefano Silingardi

Disciplining Subsidies Through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Emerging Developments in Japan’s FTAs and Their Implications
Aya Iino

Special Economic Zones in an Era of Multilateralism Decadence and Struggles for Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery: Perspectives from the Global South
Regis Y. Simo

China in the WTO Twenty Years On: How to Mend a Broken Relationship?
Petros C. Mavroidis and André Sapir

Interplay of Competition Law and Free Trade Agreements in Regulating State-Owned Enterprises
Mitsuo Matsushita

Blind Spot: Trade and Competition Law—the Space Between the Silos
Eleanor M. Fox