Volume 17 (2016)

Brexit Supplement


17 German Law Journal (2016)

Brexit Supplement


Brexit: An End to the End of History
Matej Avbelj

What Does It All Mean?
Gareth Davies

The EU Must Face the New Politics of Globalization
Mark Dawson

Brexit, Labour Rights and Migration: Why Wisbech Matters to Brussels
Simon Deakin

On the Continent Alone
Udo Di Fabio

Confusion Now Hath Made His Masterpiece: Brexit and the Bard
Matthias Goldmann

Is Europe in a Crisis of Faith?
Hans Michael Heinig

Legalism at a Dead End or the (Br)Exit of Politics
Florian Hoffmann

Post-Brexit Global Trade Relations: The Death of TTIP?
Amanda Lyons-Archambault

Is Free Movement of Workers a Fundamental Right or Merely the Price for Full Access to the Internal Market of the E.U.?
Catherine M. A. McCauliff

Does Brexit Spell the Death of Transnational Law?
Ralf Michaels

Brexit. Or, Is the European Union Educable?
Russell A. Miller

They Do What They Want, But Do They Also Know What They Want?
Christoph Möllers

Financial Services, the EU, and Brexit: An UncertainFuture for the City?
Niamh Moloney

The Personal Implications of the Referendum Results for (German) EU Citizens Living in the UK
Jule Mulder

Brexit: Time for a Reflection Period about the Finalitè of European Integration
Martin Nettesheim

Safety Valves and Complete Exits in European Treaty Politics
Will Phelan

Three Nearly-Certain Conclusions We Can Draw from the Uncertainty
Frank Schorkopf

Citizenship, Migration and Free Movement in Brexit Britain
Jo Shaw

Four Impious Points on Brexit
Alexander Somek

Brexiting European Citizenship through the Voice of Others. Some Initial Thoughts on Legal and Democratic Implications
Francesca Strumia

Chronicle of a Death Foretold? Thinking About Sovereignty, Expertize and Neoliberalism in the Light of Brexit
Ntina Tzouvala

The European Fallout
Neil Walker

The Brexit Referendum and the Crisis of “Extreme Centrism”
Michael Wilkinson