Volume 19 (2018)

Volume 19 No 7

Judicial Self-Governance in Europe, Guest Editor: David Kosař

David Kosař
Beyond Judicial Councils: Forms, Rationales and Impact of Judicial Self-Government in Europe

Antoine Vauchez
The Strange Non-Death of Statism: Tracing the Ever Protracted Rise of Judicial Self-Government in France

Simone Benvenuti & Davide Paris
Judicial Self-Government in Italy: Merits, Limits and the Reality of an Export Model

Başak Çali & Betül Durmuş
Judicial Self-Government as Experimental Constitutional Politics: The Case of Turkey

Bianca Selejan-Gutan
Romania: Perils of a “Perfect Euro-Model” of Judicial Council

Samuel Spáč & Katarina Šipulová & Marína Urbániková
Capturing the Judiciary from Inside: The Story of Judicial Self-Governance in Slovakia 

Aida Torres Pérez
Judicial Self-Government and Judicial Independence: The Political Capture of the General Council of the Judiciary in Spain

Elaine Mak
Judicial Self Government in the Netherlands: Demarcating Autonomy

Anna Sledzinska-Simon
The Rise and Fall of Judicial Self-Government in Poland: On Judicial Reform Reversing Democratic Transition

Patrick O’Brien
Never let a Crisis go to Waste: Politics, Personality, and Judicial Self-Government in Ireland

Matej Avbelj
Contextual Analysis of Judicial Self-Governance in Slovenia

Fabian Wittreck
German Judicial Self-Government – Institutions and Constraints

Adam Blisa & Tereza Papoušková & Marína Urbániková
Judicial Self-Government in Czechia: Europe’s Black Sheep?

Başak Çali & Stewart Cunningham
Judicial Self-Government and the Sui Generis Case of the European Court of Human Rights

Christoph Krenn
Self-Government at the Court of Justice of the European Union: A Bedrock for Institutional Success

Adam Blisa & David Kosař
Court Presidents: The Missing Piece in the Puzzle of Judicial Governance

Samuel Spáč
Recruiting European Judges in the Age of Judicial Self- Government

Marína Urbániková & Katarina Šipulová
Failed Expectations: Does the Establishment of Judicial Councils Enhance Confidence in Courts?

Nino Tsereteli & Hubert Smekal
The Judicial Self-Government at the International Level – A New Research Agenda

Shai Dothan
The Motivation of Individual Judges and How They Act as a Group