Volume 21 (2020)

Volume 21 | Issue 02

Constitutional Identity in Europe: The Identity of the Constitution. A Regional Approach
Tímea Drinóczi

The Schmitelsen Court: The Question of Legitimacy
Or Bassok

Alexy and the “German” Model of Proportionality: Why the Theory of Constitutional Rights Does Not Provide a Representative Reconstruction of the Proportionality Test
Niels Petersen

Proportionality and the Right to Equality
Guy Lurie

Does Investor-State Dispute Settlement Discriminate Against Nationals?
Christian Riffel

The Ban on Strike Action by Career Civil Servants under the German Basic Law: How the Federal Constitutional Court Constitutionally Immunized the German Legal Order Against the European Convention on Human Rights
Matthias Jacobs and Mehrdad Payandeh

The Value of Behavioral Economics for EU Judicial Decision-Making
Christoph K. Winter

The Necessity for Alternative Legal Pathways: The Best Practice of Humanitarian Corridors Opened by Private Sponsors in Italy
Carola Ricci

The Cultural Analysis of Law: Questions and Answers with Paul Kahn
Daniel Bonilla Maldonado

Günter Frankenberg’s Comparative Constitutional Studies: Between Magic and Deceit
Jud Mathews

Critiquing Günter Frankenberg’s Comparative Law As Critique
Vivian Grosswald Curran