Volume 21 (2020)

Volume 21 | Issue 7

Socio-Legal Studies in Germany and the UK: Theory and Methods
Jennifer HendryNaomi Creutzfeldt and Christian Boulanger

Milestones and Directions: Socio-Legal Studies in Germany and the United Kingdom
Stefan Machura

Law and Society Studies in Context: Suggestions for a Cross-Country Comparison of Socio-Legal Research and Teaching
Tanja Herklotz

Gender in Socio-Legal Teaching and Research in Germany
Ulrike Schultz

The Comparative Sociology of Legal Doctrine: Thoughts on a Research Program
Christian Boulanger

Finding New Ways of “Doing” Socio-Legal Labor Law History in Germany and the UK: Introducing a “Minor Comparativism”
Rebecca Zahn

Comparative Genealogies of “Contract and Society”
Klaas Hendrik Eller

Empiricism, Constructivism, and Grand Theory in Sociological Approaches to Law: The Case of Transnational Private Regulation
Ioannis Kampourakis

Making socio-legal Research More Social by Design: Anglo-German Roots, Rewards, and Risks
Amanda Perry-Kessaris

Researching Urban Law
Antonia Layard

Working Politically: Combining Socio-Legal Tools to Study Experiences of Law
Jess Mant