Special Issue 21.7 | Socio-Legal Studies in Germany and the UK: Theory and Methods

Germany and the UK are marked by quite different legal cultures, institutional contexts, and scholarly traditions. But how does this shape socio-legal scholarship situated in those contexts? And how does this play out when studying labor law, contracts, transnational law, or urban law? What are the key contemporary trends, theoretical applications, and methodological approaches in both socio-legal academic contexts? 
Meet one of our editors-in-chief, Jen Hendry, as she and Naomi Creutzfeldt and Christian Boulanger talk about their Special Issue “Socio-Legal Studies in Germany and the UK: Theory and Methods,” what made the project so fascinating to them, what insights it produced, and what their next projects are. And of course, find out what advice Christian received from his grandma, what Naomi is missing while working from home, and who would play Jen in a movie!