Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, 1985, Source: Paměť národa.
Volume 22 (2021)

Volume 22 | Issue 7

Judges Under Stress: Understanding Continuity and Discontinuity of Judicial Institutions of the CEE Countries
Hans Petter Graver and Peter Čuroš

Recent Attacks on Judicial Independence: The Vulgar, the Systemic, and the Insidious
James E. Moliterno and Peter Čuroš

Law, Politics, and the Military: Towards a Theory of Authoritarian Adjudication
Cosmin Cercel

Hidden Continuities?: The Avatars of “Judicial Lustration” in Post-Communist Romania
Bogdan Iancu

The Judiciary in Illiberal States
Zdeněk Kühn

Panopticon of the Slovak Judiciary – Continuity of Power Centers and Mental Dependence
Peter Čuroš

Judicial Populism and the Weberian Judge—The Strength of Judicial Resistance Against Governmental Influence in Hungary
Mátyás Bencze

Changes of the Political and Legal Systems: Judicial Autonomy
Zoltán Fleck

Stepping Into the Same River Twice? Judicial Independence in Old and New Authoritarianism
Zoltán Szente

Two Influential Concepts: Socialist Legality and Constitutional Identity and Their Impact on the Independence of the Judiciary
Fruzsina Gardos-Orosz

Civil Society Organizations for and with the Courts and Judges—Struggle for the Rule of Law and Judicial Independence: The Case of Poland 1976–2020
Łukasz Bojarski


Judicial Dialogue in Social Media Cases in Europe: Exploring the Role of Peers in Judicial Adjudication – CORRIGENDUM
E. Psychogiopoulou