Volume 22 (2021)

Volume 22 | Issue 5

Sexual Violence and Criminal Justice in the 21st Century
Boris Burghardt and Leonie Steinl

Section I: Defining Sexual Autonomy and the Consent Paradigm

The Human Right to Sexual Autonomy
Dana-Sophia Valentiner

The Politics of Affirmative Consent: Considerations from a Gender and Sexuality Studies Perspective
Rona Torenz

Sex Must Be Voluntary: Sexual Communication and the New Definition of Rape in Sweden
Linnea Wegerstad

Section II: Sexual Autonomy and the Limits of Criminal Law

The Concept of an “Act of a Sexual Nature” in Criminal Law
Beatriz Corrêa Camargo and Joachim Renzikowski

Balancing Sexual Autonomy, Responsibility, and the Right to Privacy: Principles for Criminalizing Sex by Deception
Nora Scheidegger

Sexual Violence in the Digital Age: A Criminal Law Conundrum?
Olga Jurasz and Kim Barker

Victims’ Rights Looking Good on Paper — How Criminal Prosecution in Germany Fails Victims of Sexual Violence
Anne-Katrin Wolf and Maja Werner

Section III: Social Movements and their Influence on Sexual Violence and Criminal Justice

“Progressive” Criminalization? A Sociological and Criminological Analysis Based on the German “No Means No” Provision
Ralf Kölbel

Evaluating #MeToo: The Perspective of Criminal Law Theory
Tatjana Hörnle

The Wolf-Pack Case and the Reform of Sex Crimes in Spain
Patricia Faraldo-Cabana