Volume 21 (2020)

Volume 21 | Issue 5

Wightman and the Perils of Britain’s Withdrawal
Giuseppe Martinico and Marta Simoncini

With or Without EU? The Common Travel Area After Brexit
Sylvia de Mars and C. R. G. Murray

The Diagonality Problem of EU Rule of Law and Human Rights: Proposal for an Incorporation à l’européenne
Csongor István Nagy

A Revised Democratic Critique of EU (Citizenship) Law: From Relative Homogeneity to Political Judgment
Päivi Johanna Neuvonen

The Prohibition on Constitutional Review by the Judiciary in the Netherlands in Critical Perspective: The Case and Roadmap for Reform
Gerhard van der Schyff

The Conceptualization of Constitutional Supremacy: Global Discourse and Legal Tradition
Graziella Romeo

Commerce in Data and the Dynamically Limited Alienability Rule
Václav Janeček and Gianclaudio Malgieri



Special Section
‘The German Federal Constitutional Court’s PSPP Judgment’


A Long Time Coming
Dieter Grimm

“Simply not comprehensible.” Why?
Sven Simon and Hannes Rathke

Value Constitutionalism in the European Union
Frank Schorkopf

Gauging “Ultra-Vires”: The Good Parts
Karsten Schneider

Paradoxes of Ultra-Vires Review: A Critical Review of the PSPP Decision and Its Initial Reception
Mattias Wendel

Karlsruhe’s Lochner Moment? A Rational Choice Perspective on the German Federal Constitutional Court’s Relationship to the CJEU After the PSPP Decision
Niels Petersen

Against Bidimensional Supremacy in EU Constitutionalism
Vlad Perju

Constitutional Pluralism and Authoritarianism
Matej Avbelj

Is the Primacy of EU Law Based on the Equality of the Member States? A Comment on the CJEU’s Press Release Following the PSPP Judgment
Justin Lindeboom

Bring Back the Politics: The PSPP Ruling in Its Institutional Context
Teresa Violante

The European Economic Constitution after the PSPP Judgment: Towards Integrative Liberalism?
Matthias Goldmann