The Next Generation: The German Law Journal Welcomes the Newest Members of the Editorial Board

Volume 18 No. 7

The German Law Journal is a community.  It is a community of readers and ideas.  But the GLJ also is a community of like-minded scholars who are moved by our transnational vision of the law to take up the responsibility and work of maintaining this successful platform for commentary on German, European and International jurisprudence.  That is a demanding but deeply-satisfying summons.  And we are thrilled to announce that fourteen impressive scholars from around the world have now agreed to join the GLJ community as members of the editorial board.  They will enliven and enrich the Journal’s work and profile by:  applying our high standards for scholarship when performing blind review of submissions; soliciting content that is both timely and theoretical; conceptualizing and convening special issues and special sections that will maintain our proud tradition of giving some questions deep, comprehensive coverage; and lending their wisdom to the administration and management of the Journal, especially as the GLJ engages in an exciting range of new initiatives in the coming year.

In the coming months we will highlight the remarkable backgrounds and qualifications of the new editors.  But for now we want to celebrate this important development and warmly welcome the following scholars to the German Law Journal community.  We know that the future of the Journal depends on your extraordinary energy and expertise.

Iris Canor
Victoria Daskalova
Michèle Finck
Alexander Heinze
Poul Kjaer
Nandor Knust
David Kosař
Anna Katharina Mangold
Jud Mathews
Joana Mendes
Alexander Morell
Sara Poli
Athanasios Psygkas
Maria Varaki